Frequently Asked Questions

Black Scientists & Inventors

1. What will I gain from visiting this website?
A history of the achievements that people of colour and those of African descent in particular have contributed to human development. This narrative is not told or taught in the most schools in this world, in fact, it is the best kept SECRET.

2. Who are you, I've never heard of your organisation before?
We should be asking you the question, "how comes you have not heard of us?."  The parent company / organisation is BIS Publications a publisher of mainly African / Caribbean books. Their flagship book and international best-selling series is the Black Scientists & Inventor Books written by the publisher himself Michael Williams.

3. What is the relevance of Black Scientists and Inventors and how will it help me, a person of African descent?
For a start it corrects the historical narrative that most of us were taught in school, by telling the whole-story and not just His-Story. It  shows in particular to the black child that there are people who look like you who have created wonderful things that we all use today and so if they did YOU CAN. This will develop in the child a positive self-esteem.

4. What is the relevance of Black Scientists and Inventors and how will it help me, a person of European descent?
It informs Europeans that all the good things in this world were not only created by Europeans, but in fact all groups of people have and are still contributing to human development. The [world's] history of human development & achievements is a shared one between all groups and that history & achievements does not only start and finish with Europeans. In fact it will help European child / adult view human development from a world perspective instead of just a Eurocentric one.

Books / Learning Resources

1. What content will I find in the best-selling Black Scientists and Inventors series of books?
Biographies of the great achievements people of African descent have made in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

2. There seems to be loads of books about Black Scientists & Inventors on the Internet, why should I purchase yours?
Yes that is true. I think where ours differ is that we do not only concentrate on African Americans, but we take a world view and present the achievements of people of African descent from all over the world, eg  the Caribbean, Americas, Europe, the pacific islands and of course Africa.

3. I noticed that your books Black Scientists & Inventors are numbered from book 1 to book 5, are they at different levels? 
The the books are not numbered according to difficulty, they are all written at the same level unless specified. What is different is the biographies we present in the books. 
I must say though that the Black Scientists & Inventors Book 5 was created for the older teenager and adult. The level this book is useful for GCSE, A Level and under graduate students.

4. Can I buy translation rights for your books and other learning resources?
Yes, translation rights for our Black scientists & Inventor resources are available. But we most tell you that we will only sell them to people we feel are serious about this subject and will promote it in the best way.

5. I would like to sell your books on my website and or in my country can I do this? 
Yes you can. Just contact us we will tell you how you can do this and what discount you can expect from us.


1. Do you run courses on Black Scientists & Inventors?
Yes we do, please see our courses section. If you do not see any courses currently running then do e-mail us with your interest, but also keep in touch with use via our mailing list.

2. I would like my child to get more involved in science and maths, do you run courses or one2one tuition in these areas? 
Yes we do please see answer to the question above.

More Questions

1. I have been to one of your presentations on Black Scientists & Inventors, it was great, when is your next one? 
We have presentations on areas relating to Africans and STEM throughout the year. The best way to keep in the loop is to join our mailing list, visit this site regularly, join any of our Facebook or LinkedIn group as will as signing up to this site.

2. Is there anyway that I can help in the work that you and your team are doing?
Yes, at the present we have plenty of work for volunteers in areas such, Web development, App development, internet marketers, researchers, writers, journalists, sales people and teachers in the areas of STEM.

3. I can't give of my time at the moment, but can I at least donate financially to help this important endeavour? 
Yes you can no matter how big or how small. Every penny counts and it helps us to continue this work. You can donate financially by clicking the donate button or you can select a school in Africa, Caribbean or anywhere you desire where you think would best benefit from our resources. Purchase a quantity of our resources and we will have sent to the school on your behalf.

4. I love your books and would like to see them in both African and Caribbean schools, the problem is I know that they can't afford them, how can this be made possible? 
Please see the answer to the above question.

Is there anyway that I can help in the work that you and your team are doing? 
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