The African American contribution to Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Inventions & Innovations (STEM[I]), is a massive and very important. It's a story that reaches back to Africa and the African MIND and presents it self all across North America & Canada. To often when referring to some of the world's greatest inventors which came out of North America, the African is rarely mentioned and even airbrushed out of his rightful place in history.

Despite the wicked system of human trafficking which the African was a victim of and then her enslavement in a strange land, amongst strange people (for 500 years), coupled with Black Code laws to further arrest the development of the African MIND, the African still RISES and contributes to human scientific development.

Did You Know That It Was An African from American that:

  • Invented the Lawn Sprinkler
  • Invented A Traffic Light System
  • Invented the Carbon Filament Light Bulb
  • Invented the Electric Micro Phone
  • Invented Caller ID
  • Invented Rock n Roll
  • Invented Popular Music (POP)
  • Help Design the Capital of the USA (Washington D.C)
  • Invented A Whale Harpoon
  • Invented the Mobile Refrigeration
  • Invented a Gas Mask
  • Invented a Blood Bank
  • Performed the First Successful Open Heart Surgery
  • World Famous Neurosurgeon
  • Invented the Third Rail (used on the underground trains)
  • Revolutionized the American Agricultural Industry
  • Plus much much, much, more....

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