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Simply The Best

Authors: Michael Williams & AAD,
Pages: 30
Age: 7 years and above.
About The Book:This sporting academic A5 size workbook celebrates the sporting and academic achievements of personalities such as Nelson Mandela, Paul Robeson, Samantha Tross plus more. It encourages young people to excel in both the sporting and academic arenas.

This book is suitable for children [and adults] between the ages 5 to 100 years.

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Mr & Mrs Ken & The Numbers 1 to 10 

Author: Michael Williams
Pages: 20
Age: 3 years and above. 

About The Book: Why shouldn't maths be fun? With Mr. & Mrs. Ken, learning maths is a colourful and enjoyable experience. This picture book introduces young readers to the numbers one to ten.

RRP £4.99

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Maiza & Mastura Meets Alexander Miles: The INVENTOR 

Authors: Natasha John-Baptise
Pages: 16 
Age: 5 years and above. 

About The Book: This story is a mix of fiction and non-fiction. Learn about the great but often forgotten black Inventor in this book.

RRP: £6.99

Mosi Meets The Inventor John Lee Love – The Broken Pencil 

Author:Natasha John-Baptiste
Pages: 22

Age: 5 years and above

About The Book: This is the second book in the 'One Thing About History Is...' series. Mosi is a little boy who likes to write in his notepad. One day when Mosi was writing one of his stories his pencil tip broke. Mosi became very sad because he could no longer use his pencil to write, that is until he remembered about Historyland found in his book ‘One Thing About History is...’. Once he opened that book he entered into Historyland and there he found an inventor by the name of John Lee Love, who invented a pencil sharpening device. Because of John Lee Loves’s genius invention Mosi could continue writing his potential best-seller.

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