Black Scientists & Inventors Complete Set


Black Scientists & Inventors
Complete Set

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The package consists of:
  • The best-selling Black Scientists & Inventors Books 1 to 8,
  • Blacks In Mathematics & Science, with Financial Literacy Work Books 1 & 2
  • A total of 10 amazing educational, inspirational and motivational life changing books, designed for children and adults.

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Black History Month & Black Pound Day

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More about the books below:

What's in the books?
  • You may have watched the film Hidden Figures and learned about three great female African Americans; a mathematician, an engineer and a computer programmer. If you think that was great and long overdue, then check out hundreds of more Hidden Figures in the Black Scientists & Inventors full package.
  • We are pleased to include the Black Women Scientists & Inventors, learn about the hidden figures behind caller ID, call Waiting and the inventor of an instrument that removes cataracts via laser technology, plus much more.
  • We are also pleased to include the ground-breaking Black Scientists & Inventors in the UK: Millenniums of Inventions & Innovations. This awesome encyclopedic type book, boasts 380 pages of great achievements and contributions by people of African descent to the UK landscape, over the last 12,000 years. Easy to read text with pages of illustrations, timelines, glossary, plus a 11-Step Guide on producing the next generation of Black British Scientists & Inventors, plus much more.
  • Finally it is with great pleasure that we can announce that the long eagerly awaited Black Scientists & Inventors Book 8 is also included. Learn about the young Jamaican whose invention may revolutionize the automotive industry, the Ethiopian whose invention has revolutionized the fitness industry, the South African (SA) artificial intelligence expert who this year became the first person of African descent to become Vice-Chancellor of a prestige SA University. The Black British mathematician who refused to take the advise of his careers teacher, instead following his Jamaican father's advice and became one of the most powerful Black Britons, plus much more.
This is a Godsend for anyone who is truly interested in the great STEM contributions made by Black people (a topic area seldom taught in schools). The books in this package are great page-turners, excellent for the individual to read, but even better read as a family or group.
These books help both adults and children gain a positive-self image, plus a positive-group image; challenging much of the negative images portrayed about African/Caribbean children in the media.
For the coming festive season this package will make perfect gifts.
  •  Mandela said "...Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world..."

  • Marcus Garvey said " your homes and everywhere possible, you must teach the higher development of science to your children; and make sure that we have a race of scientists par excellence...”
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