Monday, 9 March 2015

First human' discovered in Ethiopia - Proves that Africans were the first to play in Eden.

I was pleasantly surprised on Thursday 5th March 2015, whilst watching Al Jazeera (English) news. The previous day I had heard on BBC 1 news that an astonishing new discovery had been made in East Africa. This great discovery meant that the previous dates on human genesis could be off target by approximately, 400, 000 years; the new discovery of human like bones found in Ethiopia date back to 2.8 million years, contradicting past scientific evidence that our relatives were born in the same region approximately 2.3 million years ago.

Now remember earlier I said that I was pleasantly surprised, well, the reason behind the surprise was that although I first heard this news break on BBC, it was not until the following day when I watched Al Jazeera news, that I realized that the scientist who discovered possibly, repeat possibly, the remains of the first human being, was himself an African, his name, Chalachew Seyoum, from Ethiopia. You might ask, well, why the surprise? The reason was that I naturally thought it was non-African scientist, as they are known for doing this type of research and so it follows that the find, based on this presumption, would have had come from a non-African, although as I explain later, that term [non-African] is quite ironic. Anyway, getting back to the discovery, Mr. Seyoum, once again confirms that both primitive and modern man have their genesis in Africa.

To date, as Williams and Amalemba have pointed out in their recent book entitled Black Scientists and Inventors in the UK: Millenniums of Inventions and innovations, (Published in 2015) - to date, the oldest human remains have been found on the African continent, mostly in east, central and southern Africa.

In their afore mentioned book, they point out that Homo Sapien (modern man), travelled throughout Africa setting up communities. Being the first in the human family, he and she, were the first to create and invent tools and even concepts which, over hundreds of thousands of years, have been improved (not re-invented) but which we still use today. It was this man from Africa who travelled throughout the world giving birth to different racial groups and civilizations. The only other man, who I understand developed independently and slightly later, outside of Africa was the Neanderthal man; he is said to either come directly from Europe or Asia minor. When modern man travelled into Europe around 50,000 years ago, he came into contact with Neanderthal, whose intellect was far too inferior in developmental terms. Neanderthal was in early development and had savage tendencies, he could not keep up with homo sapien, intellectually, physically and as nature would it, eventually died out. Although some scientists believe that Homo sapiens saved the Neanderthal from total extinction through interrelationships, which helped him evolve to be a more erect, less hairy, with a better forehead and not a flat receding one that is related to earlier Neanderthal.


Question, has the young African scientist, Chalachew Seyoum, finally put to bed the fact that Africa is the true garden of Eden, which the bible speaks of? - and that Adam and Eve were Africans who were the first to play in that garden? If this is the case then we can now say with surety that the African is the real mother and father of all people on the earth. Those (non-Africans) who claim that Africans are not their parents must either be direct descendants of the Neanderthal man or may be aliens from another planet both premises virtually impossible, of course.

Now, with the many recent racist murders visited upon people of African descent in the west; mainly by white law enforcement officers and other agencies of supremacy, it is my hope that instead of these officers and others disrespecting their mothers and fathers, they will realise that without the African they would not exist, and so should accord due respect to their legitimate mothers and fathers, so that their days be long.

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Written by Michael Williams - 2015

Edited by Manyonyi Amalemba - 2015

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