Monday, 8 August 2016

BLACK SCIENTISTS & INVENTORS BOOK 6 - The Launch, Presentation & Workshop.

Greetings Readers,  I hope that you are well and enjoying the summer.

On behalf of my colleagues and myself, I would like to thank all those who attended the launch of the Black Scientists and Inventors Book 6 on July 16th 2016, it was the sixth book in the amazing best-selling Black Scientists and Inventors series. It was an enjoyable afternoon made even better because it was a gorgeous day weather wise.

As well as the launching of the above book, the author Michael Williams gave a great presentation about several of the people featured in the book and he also explained how to best use the black scientists and inventors series. Mr Williams surprised us all when be launched a second book entitled 'Blacks in Maths and Science': Work Book 1' he told us that it is a book he was working on in the back ground whilst completing the book 6. Williams said he not only wants children to know about our great scientific contributions but he also wants to help create a new generation who will be the new scientific contributors, and the work books are a good place to start. Many of those attending including some of us at BIS and Black Scientists & Inventors tm wonder where he finds the time to research, write and publish so many books.

In the Black Scientists and Inventors Book 6 the reader will learn about some great black scientists and inventors and how some of them over came adversity against all odds to become great people who have gone on to effect millions of peoples lives positively. The Blacks in Maths and Science': Work Book 1' will allow them to practice what the learnt, scientifically, mathematically and historically. These two new titles are ideal for children who need inspiring and motivating to be the best that they can be.

After the publication of ground-breaking Black Scientists & Inventors in the UK : Millenniums of Inventions & Innovations, many thought Mr Williams would rest on his laurels as that book by his own admission took a lot out of him, but Michael Williams has not stop instead because of the feedback he has received from both adults and children it inspired him to once again carry out some outstanding research and documentation producing both the two new titles. These types of books are not easily found in your high street book/news agents, so I would encourage all that are reading this post to purchase these books from this site whilst stock last, often times we only miss a thing once is gone and gone forever.

By Paul Walters.