Friday, 12 August 2016

FREE BOOK, Marcus Garvey & Fun With Science!

Just a few day till the birthday of the Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey and the with' Fun with Science Workshop Day for children and parents.

We nearly ready to shut down registrations for this awesome fun day, so if you have not registered yet we advise that you do so ASAP as we just have a few places left and we can only accept on a first come first serve basis. So WHY DON'T YOU join us and have your children do something less boarding instead of watch TV. Register NOW!

To get a FREE book read on...

  1. If a person weighs 11.3 stones (161 pounds) on earth, how much would that person weigh if they were on the moon?
  2. What is the name of the African American who Invented the first practical carbon filament light bulb? [Alexander Volta], [Garrett Morgan], [Thomas Edison], [Lewis Latimer].
  3. In which Caribbean country was Marcus Garvey born? [St Lucia], [Cuba], [Haiti], [Suriname], [Jamaica].
  4. What element is H2O, [Fire] or [Water] ?.

The first 10 correct answers will receive either a free copy of the book Simply The Best or a free copy of Black Scientist and Inventors Book 6.

Email answers to:

Date Closes: Sunday 14th August 2016.